Conservation Actions

This species is protected by Thai law. More information about the threats to this species and its ecology is needed.

Location Information

The species is endemic to the Mae Khlong basin in one subterranean stream, in the Sai Yok Noi (=Tham Nam Tok) cave, 3 km north-northwest of Nam Tok (14°15'N, 99°04'E) Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. Its extent of occurrence is estimated at 50-100 km² and the area of occupancy at ca. 1 km².

Geographic Range



Population Information

The species is found in low numbers and the population has undergone a decline since it was described.


Disturbance from cave visitors is the main threat to this fish. Harvest for the aquarium trade is an occasional threat. Although the species is protected by law there is still occasional fishing in the area (C. Vidthayanon, pers. comm. 2011).

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