Conservation Actions

There are no conservation actions in place for this species. Research into its current population size and trend, as well as the impact of threats is urgently needed, and education of the importance of this species and the control of invasive species is recommended.

Location Information

This species endemic to Lake Tiu in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lake Tiu is a narrow lake extending 2 km from north to south that is located about 65 km east of Lake Poso and 50 km from the Malili Lakes (Mokodongan et al. 2014, Mokodongan and Yamahira 2015).

Geographic Range



Population Information

This species is known only from Lake Tiu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. In 2012, juveniles of this species were relatively abundant and the population was likely stable, although none were of adult size (Mokodongan et al. 2014). There is no information on its population after 2014, but it may have been impacted by the introduced of invasive Tilapia fish and palm-tree plantations in the surrounding area. The current overall population trend is therefore unknown.


Lake Tiu has established fisheries and invasive fish species such as tilapias (Oreochromis species), snakehead (family Channidae), and goldfish (carp) have become established, however it is not known how large an effect this has had on the native fish in the lake, including Oryzias soerotoi. Another threat comes from palm-tree plantations which are reclaiming areas surrounding the lake, especially the eastern coastal area (Mokodongan et al. 2014). These plantations could increase run off and change turbidity and nutrient levels within the lake.

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