Conservation Actions

There are no conservation actions in place for this species. Research into its population size and distribution is urgently needed to confirm if it still occurs on the island of Timor. Research into potential threats, education and the control of invasive species is also needed.

Location Information

This species is endemic to Timor, Indonesia. This locality is known as the easternmost limit of the range of the ricefishes, Oryzias (Weber and de Beaufort 1912, Parenti 2008). Specimens have been collected from the stream Mota Talau, near the Lois River, at mid-Timor. It has not been recorded from the eastern or western ends of the island and therefore likely has a very restricted distribution.

Geographic Range



Population Information

This species is known from fewer than 10 specimens and there have been no new records since it was collected by M. Oyens in 1911. In 2014 surveys were conducted in Timor (Kupang to Atambua, Nusa Tenggara Timor), but they failed to find any specimens. It was also not included in Oryzias species found in surveys of East Timor in 2003 (Larson and Pidgeon 2014). Due to the lack of recent sightings despite multiple surveys it seems likely that there are fewer than 50 mature individuals left, and more surveys are urgently needed to know if this population still occurs in Timor. This species is possibly extinct.


Due to low water levels in the area and the seasonal nature of streamflow domestic waste is likely to negatively impact the species (J. Sulfani Udin pers. comm. 2019). Erosion and sedimentation resulting from agricultural activities may also negatively impact habitat quality (J. Sulfani Udin pers. comm. 2019).

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