Conservation Actions

It has been recorded from the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park. Habitat protection of lowland forest is required. Surveys to locate additional subpopulations is recommended.

Location Information

This species is endemic to northeastern Luzon in the Philippines, where it has been recorded from two localities (both in the municipality of San Mariano) in the Sierra Madre mountains (Siler et al. 2014). The holotype was collected at 600 m asl (Siler et al. 2014). It occurs between 200 and 600 m asl (A. Diesmos pers. comm. 2021).

Geographic Range



Population Information

This species is known from about a dozen specimens in total, all collected in 2005 (Siler et al. 2014). There is an ongoing decline in the population suspected from habitat loss in lowland regions.


This species is threatened by the conversion of the lowland forest fragmented habitat to agricultural use, timber poaching and ranching.

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