ASAP Species Conservation Grants

Organisation: Yayasan SwaraOwa 

Project title: In search for Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher Alcedo euryzona and conservation of forest river as its habitat in Petungkriyono and Lebakbarang district, Pekalongan regency, Central Java, Indonesia  

Location: Pekalongan regency, Central Java, Indonesia 

Project date: November 2021 – November 2022 (ongoing)

Species: Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher Alcedo euryzona

The challenge

There have been limited confirmed records of the Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher since the 1930s and there continues to be a dearth on its basic ecology and distribution. At present, its global distribution is known only from three locations in Java, Indonesia, one of which is the Petungkriyono forest in Dieng Mountains. The species was only discovered in Petunkriyono in 2018 from a single river belonging to the Sengkarang River System. It is a mountainous area with sizeable lowland forest remnant and there is urgent need for further surveys to locate the species in other potential suitable habitat further upstream. 

As a forest-river dependent species, the Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher’s habitat is also utilised by people for various activities, including tourism. Further information on the species is required to formulate strategies and priorities for the species’ conservation management. 

The project

This project aims to map out the distribution, understand population status, and assess the habitat requirements of the Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher through conducting surveys along the five main rivers. Alongside this, Yayasan SwaraOwa will raise awareness and engage local communities living along the Sengkarang River System in conservation activities of the Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher. They will work with river-based tour operators to promote bird-friendly tourism activities, by training the local guides in birdwatching and guiding, designing birding routes, and organising birding competitions.  

It is important to know any basic ecological aspects of the Critically Endangered Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher. The ASAP Species Conservation Grant allows us to work in finding out the species’ distribution, population, and also habitat requirements along the Sengkarang river system. Local communities in the surrounding area are highly involved in this work, where I believe it will become a beneficial way to protect and conserve the species.” Imam Taufiqurrahman

Project reports

Project reports will be added here

Photo credit: Imam Taufiqurrahman

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