ASAP Species Conservation Grants

Organisation: PROGRES

Project title:  Nurturing the community power to protect the last population of Talaud Cuscus

Location: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Project date: January 2022 – June 2023 (ongoing)

Species: Talaud Bear Cuscus Ailurops melanotis

The challenge

The Critically Endangered Taluad Bear Cuscus occurs only two islands, Salibabu and Sangihe, located at the border of North Sulawesi, Indonesia and the Philippines. However, the remaining populations are found in in a few unprotected forest patches and face the constant threat of land conversion due to small scale agriculture. 

While establishing legally recognised protected areas on the island is unlikely to occur within a short timeframe, engaging the leaders of the community is key in nurturing a sense of pride for the species while conducting population monitoring surveys to map priority habitat areas for the Talaud Bear Cuscus. 

The project

PROGRES aims to conserve Talaud Bear Cuscus through community engagement and Community Conserved Areas with a focus on establishing priority areas for the species, conducting regular community-led monitoring and advocating for a hunting ban of the species. The team will also focus on habitat restoration for by replanting degraded areas with native tree species utilised by Talaud Bear Cuscus.  


Project reports

Project reports will be added here

Photo credit: Sheherazade

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