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Save Our Species (SOS) Gibbons has announced their call for proposals is open!

SOS Gibbons
SOS Online Portal

The objectives of this initiative are to catalyse gibbon conservation through a series of activities including channelling funding for gibbons to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), additional conservation planning to determine national priorities, supporting knowledge transfer on experiences among conservationists and communications activities to raise public awareness on the benefits to species, habitats and communities from conserving gibbons.

Priority funding will be given to projects targeting gibbon species assessed as Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, followed by projects targeting gibbon species assessed as Endangered, and finally, projects targeting the Vulnerable species.

ASAP Gibbon species:

Nomascus concolor (Black Crested Gibbon)
Nomascus leucogenys (Northern White-cheeked Gibbon)
Nomascus nasutus (Cao-vit Crested Gibbon)

Under this current call, IUCN SOS is accepting applications until 23:59 on 14th July 2019. All times are Central European Time (CET). Through the IUCN SOS – Save Our Species grant-making mechanism, and based on a competitive process, a portfolio of projects aimed at improving the long-term survival of threatened gibbon species and their habitats, while supporting local communities, will be developed.

Featured image © Zhao Chao


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