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Investing in the people that will save species 

Today we have published our 2024-2030 strategy – “Investing in the people that will save species”, which sets out how we will deliver on our mission to protect the threatened species of Southeast Asia over the next six years. Our strategic approach sparks a transformative investment in both individuals and organisations committed to safeguarding Southeast Asia’s most threatened species.  

There are four key strategic goals that form the backbone of our new strategy: 

AMPLIFYING FUNDING AND KNOWLDEGE – We direct funds and build knowledge to conserve the most at-risk species 

INVESTING IN PEOPLE – We equip people with the skills to deliver impact 

STRENGTHENING LOCAL ORGANISATIONS – We build resilience in organisations to overcome challenges 

FOSTERING A DYNAMIC NETWORK – We facilitate networking and collaboration 

ASAP Director, Nerissa Chao, says “I am delighted to share our bold new partnership strategy aimed at conserving species in Southeast Asia. In the face of unprecedented challenges, this strategy symbolises our commitment to preserving the diverse ecosystems of this region through the strength of the Partnership. Together, let us embark on this journey to safeguarding the precious species that call Southeast Asia home.” 

To celebrate the launch of our six-year strategy, we have refreshed our logo and branding colours so that we enter this new period with a new look. Our refreshed logo takes inspiration from Southeast Asia’s Critically Endangered species, reminding us that every creature, whether it’s a frog or a monkey, is vital in the interconnected web of life.  

To deliver this new strategy, we will be building partnerships with donor institutions to level up our programmes and inject greater investment into the people and organisations fronting species conservation in Southeast Asia. There are exciting opportunities to be a part of this work, from contributing to our pool grant fund to supporting our unique training programmes.  

Together as a partnership, we will shape a future where both the people and the rich biodiversity of Southeast Asia not only endure but flourish.  

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Photo credit: Talarak Foundation

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