Rapid Action Fund

Organisation: Ostrava Zoo

Project title: Survey for Delacour’s Langur

Location: Ninh Binh and Hoa Binh Provinces, Vietnam

Project date: October 2020 – January 2021

Species: Delacour’s Langur Trachypithecus delacouri

Supported by: Fondation Segré


The challenge

Delacour’s Langur has small and fragmented populations, with the only viable population being in the Van Long Nature Reserve. Contiguous to the nature reserve is approximately 1,000 hectares of unprotected land where a few groups of langur can be found. This land is unprotected and intended to be used for tourism development and limestone quarrying. If the unprotected land was protected, it would represent a 50% increase of protected langur habitat from the Van Long Nature Reserve.

The project

In order to gain protected status for the langur habitat bordering the Van Long Nature Reserve, the presence of Delacour’s Langur must be established. The project that ASAP is supporting will:

  • Conduct a survey to establish status of Delacour’s Langur in the unprotected area.
  • Aim to create a new protected area or extension to the Van Long Nature Reserve.



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Image credits: Tilo Nadler

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