Conservation Actions

It is not known from protected areas. Additional field work and site and habitat protection are highly recommended.

Location Information

This rock gecko is known only from the karst formations that extend approximately 4.2 km from Gua Angin to Gua Pari-pari, within the Bau Limestone area in Sarawak, Malaysia. Its type locality is Gua Pari-pari, Bau District, Sarawak, East Malaysia, at approximately 30 m asl (Grismer and Chan 2009, Grismer et al. 2014). It appears to be restricted to this area, but not necessarily only to the specific caves where it has so far been recorded (L. Grismer pers. comm. 2017). Kurita et al. (2017) map three additional localities for this species, but do not name or otherwise refer to these and their sampled specimens were all taken from the two confirmed localities (L. Grismer pers. comm. 2018). Following the recommendation of L. Grismer (pers. comm. 2018), these localities are not considered further pending confirmation that they genuinely represent this species.

Geographic Range



Population Information

Very few specimens of this species have been recorded (L. Grismer pers. comm. 2017).


The major ongoing threat to this species is mining, which has recently been found to be ongoing within its range and undoubtedly affects areas where the species occurs (L. Grismer pers. comm. 2018).

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