Conservation Actions

It is present in the protected area of Lien Nature Reserve (Orlov et al. 2008). More research on the impacts of anthropogenic pressures on the population of this species, and on its distribution, are needed (Ngo et al. 2016).

Location Information

This species is only known from the type locality in isolated karst mountains of Huu Lien Nature Reserve, Huu Lung district, Lang Son Province, Viet Nam (Orlov et al. 2008). Surveys in the surrounding area, including Ca Bang and Ha Giang, have not recorded it (Q.T. Nguyen pers. comm. 2017). It ranges between 300 and 370 m asl. (Orlov et al. 2008).

Geographic Range


Viet Nam

Population Information

It is a very rare species, with few specimens recorded.


Habitat loss is extensive in this area due to agriculture (including corn and rice) and logging for timber. A major suspected threat is either ongoing or future unsustainable exploitation for commercial use as a result of increasing interest in the international pet trade (Ngo et al. 2016).

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