Conservation Actions

The type locality of this species is not protected and is actively being destroyed as a result of mining (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017). Protecting the remaining habitat is the most appropriate action that can be taken to ensure the survival of this species (E. Quah pers. comm. 2017).

Location Information

This species is only known from Gua Kanthan, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia, at 45 m asl (Grismer et al. 214).

Geographic Range



Population Information

Although this species is only known from one locality, it is abundant there. Nevertheless, as the species is known from only one site the population of this species is considered to be below 1,000 mature individuals, based on observations over the last four years (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017). 


Ongoing quarrying activities in Gua Kanthan are directly impacting the only known habitat for this species (Grismer et al. 2014) and expanding throughout the remainder of this karst tower. If quarrying activities at this site continues, this species will be pushed into extinction in the near future (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017).

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Photo Credits

Evan S. H. Quah