Conservation Actions

This species is not known from a protected area. More rigorous environmental impact assessments would help prevent extreme urbanization of the Cameron Highlands.

Location Information

This species is only known from Robinson Falls, close to the town of Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia (Grismer et al. 2016). It ranges from 1,200 up to 1,500 m asl. It is unlikely to be more widespread (E. Quah pers. comm. 2017).

Geographic Range



Population Information

This species is known from only three individuals taken in the same location (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017). It has not been recorded since it was first discovered, although the site has been visited in the two years since.


The rapid conversion of rainforest for agricultural use and tourist development in the Cameron Highlands is a major ongoing threat to this' species habitat (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017).

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Photo Credits

Evan S.H. Quah