8 ASAP Species Conservation Grants awarded in 2021

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8 ASAP Species Conservation Grants awarded in 2021 For the second year running, the ASAP Species Conservation Grants opened for applications in 2021 to support conservation efforts for ASAP species with a focus on species that receive less conservation attention. We received an overwhelming response with over 60 pre-proposals and are excited to share the recipients of the ASAP Species Conservation Grants and their efforts to save 11 ASAP species from the brink of extinction.   Organisation: Yayasan Kolaborasi Inklusi…

Focus on the Philippines

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Elevated endemism & extinction risks The Philippines is an archipelagic nation, composed of over 7,640 islands, situated in the west Pacific. Its long isolation has resulted in high levels of endemism in its flora and fauna. The fact that the country comprises the entirety of its own biodiversity hotspot is a testament to this! However, this unique biodiversity is under threat. Forest loss in the Philippines has left only 12% of historical primary forest cover remaining (Verburg & Veldkamp 2004)….

Challenges and opportunities for Helmeted Hornbill conservation – article by ASAP Advisor Madhu Rao

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The Helmeted hornbill is highly threatened by poaching for its unique red casque. Find out more about the challenges and potential opportunities for its conservation by reading ASAP Advisor Madhu Rao’s article, following her participation at the CITES CoP18 meeting in Geneva, here! Featured image © Bonie Dewantara

‘Almost Famous’ Award Announced by the Croeni Foundation

Almost Famous
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The Croeni Foundation has announced an award for “Almost Famous” species and the first award will be given to an ASAP species. The “Almost Famous” award gives a voice to species most of us don’t know exist and we might not know enough yet to keep it in existence. The award hopes to help raise awareness and funds to increase the survival chance of unknown endangered animals. For more information on the award criteria, please visit http://www.croeni.org/almost-famous-award/