Focus on the Philippines

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Elevated endemism & extinction risks The Philippines is an archipelagic nation, composed of over 7,640 islands, situated in the west Pacific. Its long isolation has resulted in high levels of endemism in its flora and fauna. The fact that the country comprises the entirety of its own biodiversity hotspot is a testament to this! However, this unique biodiversity is under threat. Forest loss in the Philippines has left only 12% of historical primary forest cover remaining (Verburg & Veldkamp 2004)….

In one Indonesian province, songbird trade is on the decline

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Planet Indonesia’s integrated approach has been successful at tackling some of the biggest regional conservation challenges. Read more about their methodology in the article they’ve kindly penned for us below. Check out their website to find out more about their songbird trade work! Article by Planet Indonesia “A real man has a wife, a horse, a house, a dagger and a songbird.” A Javanese saying that highlights the cultural value of songbirds in Indonesia, where they’re used in competitions and…