Conservation Actions

There are no known conservation actions in place for this species. Its type locality lies just outside of the Memberamo Foja Wildlife reserve (IUCN and UNEP-WCMC 2020). Surveys are urgently needed to determine its current population status as well as its distribution and potential conservation actions, alongside site protection.

Location Information

This species is only known from specimens collected at its type locality in the Idenburg (Mamberamo) river at Prauwenbivak, Papua Province (Indonesia) in 1920 (G.R. Allen pers. comm. 2019).

Geographic Range



Population Information

There is no population information available for this species as it is only known from specimens collected at the type locality in 1920 (Allen 1982).


Deforestation has occurred around the type locality of this species since 2000, and it lies within a logging concession (CIFOR 2020). There are three to four water turbines for generating electricity in the main river (Kadarusman pers. comm. 2020). The invasive Channa striata is also found within its habitat and is likely to be negatively effecting this species (Kadarusman pers. comm. 2020)

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