Conservation Actions

Preservation of remaining habitat is required to ensure the survival of this species (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017) 

Location Information

This species is known only from Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands plateau, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia, at approximately 1,600 m asl (Grismer et al. 2014).

Geographic Range



Population Information

This species has been rarely encountered (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017). While the population may be stable where the species persists, some trails where this species formerly occurred have been destroyed (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. obs.) and so the population may be in decline overall.


The rapid conversion of rainforest for agricultural use and tourist development in Cameron Highlands is an ongoing threat to this' species habitat, as this species is reliant on vegetation. Several trails where this species was once recorded have been lost (L. Grismer and E. Quah pers. comm. 2017).

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